Born in State of Chiapas, Mexico. Political scientist graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). He also holds a Masters Degree in Law by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

He holds a Diploma in Leading Economic Growth, by the Harvard Kennedy School and complementary studies at the Complutense University in Madrid and the George Washington University.

In 2014 he became the first Mexican public server to present his #3de3, an initiative that made public servers to make their asset declaration public.

He has collaborated with numerous news outlets with opinion pieces. In 2008 he was granted the National Journalism Award. From November 2020 he has a standing column in the Milenio newspaper.

In 2010 he was elected local representative for the XVII District of Chiapas. In the State’s Congress que presided the Social Development Commission that delivered successfully to the Millennium Development Objectives and was elected President of the Congress of the State of Chiapas, becoming the youngest politician to obtain it.

Though it is not an official organ of the Conference, the Presidency plays a very important role in the activities of the organization, due to the fact that it legally represents the CISS before the Mexican State -Headquarters’ Host Country-, in addition to look after the good relations with the members, other international organizations and with similar institutions and organizations.

In accordance with the Conference’s regulation, the Presidency has responsibilities such as convene and preside the General Assembly, greatest organ of the Conference; the Standing Committee and the Directive Board of the CIESS. It inaugurates and closes every session and monitors debates. It also holds a casting vote in all of them in case there is a tie.

Traditionally, the General Assembly of the Conference has elected the National Mexican Institute for Social Security as their President, because of the enormous efforts it provides to the organization. The IMSS has held the Presidency uninterruptedly since 1951, when Antonio Diaz Lombardo, Director of the IMSS, was appointed President of the Conference. This administration is being presided by General Director Zoé Robledo Aburto.

Every three years, the Assembly General names three Vice-Presidents in case there’s an absence of the President; they take turns, one each year to stand in his place when he is not able to attend.

At the 29th General Ordinary Assembly, held in Mexico City in 2019, the following personnel was elected Vice-President:

  1. José Bernardo Pineda Jurado, from the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security, Vice-President during 2020;
  2. María Fernanda Raverta, from the National Administration of Social Security of Argentina, Vice-President during 2021;
  3. Narlon Gutierre Nogueira, Secretary of Welfare of the Special Secretariat of Welfare and Work of the Ministry of Economy, Vice-President during 2021;
In accordance with the CISS’ Statute, the President and the Vice-Presidents, all are elected as representatives of their institutions, and these last can replace them as they see fit.