It is the body responsible for monitoring, supervising and controlling the management of the Conference’s finances

This organ is headed by the Comptroller, an official named every three years, with the possibility of being re-elected, who must be of a different nationality than the Secretary- General of the Conference, and who exercises their functions ad honorem, holding their headquarters in their country of origin, autonomously and independently.

Although the Comptroller is not part of any of the collegiate organs of the Conference, the regulations of the organization state the Comptroller may participate with the exercise of the right to voice in the sessions of the General Assembly, the Standing Committee, and the Directive Board of the Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies (CIESS).

Among the functions of the Comptroller we find the following:

  1. To monitor and supervise in order that the financial and budgetary management of the Conference adjusts to the control mechanisms established by its governing bodies.
  2. To submit annual reports to the Standing Committee, and triennial reports to the ordinary General Assembly.
  3. To issue recommendations to the CISS organs for the proper financial operations of the Conference.
  4. To collect timely and in due form the results of the external audit commissioned jointly with the General Secretariat of the Conference.
  5. To conduct, in coordination with the General Secretariat, a prospective analysis of the finances of the CISS, in which the assumptions for the planning of income and expenses of the Conference are reviewed, during the three years to follow.

Currently, the Comptroller’s Office is under the direction of Nicolas Starck Aguilera.

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