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Since 1942, the CISS generates and spreads new specialized knowledge regarding pensions, health, work policy, and insurance schemes, among other protection and social security issues. It aims to aid in the taking decision process for key subjects of the protection and social security agenda in the American Continent.

The Inter-American Conference on Social Security is the most important platform in the continent, bringing together leading personnel of the social security institutions, ministries, government organs, experts, service providers and academics with the utmost extensive knowledge on protection and social security issues.

Members of the Conference are able to interact through an extensive international co-operation network of 83 institutions from 36 countries across the continent. All of them share their challenges, priorities, develop new knowledge and exchange solutions applied to the diverse regions of our continent.

The CISS helps to establish the importance of the social security institutions, given that it interacts with international organizations such as the OECD, the OAS, the ECLAC, the PAHO, the SELA, the CLACSO, de ICAP, among others. All of them are influential elements in the discussion and promotion of social security and administration operation.

The CISS offers its members technical training and accompaniment support through its specialized unit in charge of designing, evaluating effectiveness and results of the social security public programs, focusing on the realities of each country. All our assistances and technical support are available with a preferential pricing exclusive to our members.

The Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies (CIESS) offers an academic program specifically planned for social security institutions. The courses have formed personnel from the affiliated institutions, so they can make a difference from their directive positions, working toward universalization of social security and welfare. All our programs characterize on offering analysis tools, practical field experience and problem solving.

The CIESS employs highly qualified researchers that aim their studies to the members’ needs and generate specialized knowledge regarding the most concerning issues of the American countries.

The CISS has a library specialized in social security studies with more than 44,159 volumes that cover 29,000 titles. In addition, its periodical library counts 1200 titles, with specialized magazines, workbooks, articles and electronic magazines. A great number of them are available in two languages and soon will be other ones.

The Conference counts with specialized organs named American Commissions for Social Security and Sub-regions, that articulate their daily work and generate knowledge and discussions about fundamental challenges for social security, such as the elderly, work risk prevention, actuary, funding for social security systems, regulation, legal framework, and organization of managing systems, health and welfare.

In our website you’ll find a broad selection of forums, webinars, and publications on issues that respond to the latest concerns in social security. All of it contributes to generate networks among our members.

The myriad of services offered by the CISS has adapted successfully to the virtual formats that continue to grow, both in our academic area and the discussion forums. This tendency will continue expanding and will be joined by our gradual reinstation of presential activities, in our classrooms, special simultaneous translation facilities, our hotel and our restaurant.

The Conference is an international organization, a research and training center in which many generations have specialized in management, supervision and research on social security in the American continent, the Caribbean and the world.

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