American Commissions for Social Security (CASS)

The International Conference on Social Security (CISS) is an international organization constituted formally in 1942. It has dedicated its more than 79 years of existence to work for Social Security and Welfare in the American Continent.

In its Statute is stablished that the Conference is formed by fundamental organs such as a)The General Assembly; b)The Standing Committee; c)The Secreteriat; d)The American Commissions for Social Security (CASS); e)The Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies (CIESS); f)The Comptroller and g)The Subregions.

The CASS are organs specialized in Social Security issues of the most importance for the American Continent and the Caribbean. The CASS are the support technical entities coordinated and monitored by the CISS to fulfill their aims and objectives. Currently the CISS has six Commissions.