Actuarial and Consulting Services

The constant evolution of the population structure and complexity of economic and financial climate impose a duty on social security and welfare institutions to administer and manage optimally risks people are exposed to, not only at the present moment, but in the future.

Though it is not possible to know what will happen in the future with complete certainty, actuarial and consulting services, using mathematical, statistical and financial  tools, within the correct legal framework, allow us to build hypothesis to create possible scenarios about how benefit schemes will behave in their short, medium and long term de development.

When results are captured in actuarial analysis, they can aid the decision making process in public policy, given that these offer tools to stablish or adjust parameter, contribution and investment rates, benefit amounts, acquisition terms, among other variables, with the aim of ensuring solvency and integral sustainability of institutions.

Institutions that work with social security and welfare issues, must submit themselves to these analyses to ensure commitments made with people qare met.


Service despcription

Global diversity of benefit systems linked to social security, demands standardized actuarial practices that offer certainty to actuarial consulting service users. Based on international standards and guidelines for actuarial practice, the CISS offers the following services to all institutions interested in acquiring them:

It is the analysis par excellence to know the current and probable future situation of each insurance or benefit scheme, managed, administered and even regulated or supervised by social security institutions.

Social insurance, pension fund administrators, superintendencies, public and private employers and other analog institutions can ask for an actuarial valuation to determine the solvency of their system in diverse scenarios.

The CISS offers this service both in make a complete valuation or to bring technical assistance to the actuarial team of an institution.

For institutions that already have an actuarial audit and wish to ensure it was executed with objective technical criteria and that it meets de standards stablished by law, we offer to review thoroughly and systematically their last valuation.

The institution will receive a valid opinion about the trustworthiness of their actuarial valuation, executed by an external, impartial, professional and objective organ and will be grated the needed recommendations to its improvement.

It’s a general review to verify the study reports of a valuation or and actuarial audit were made according to international guidelines and standards for actuarial practice, and that they count with the minimal information required for their use as a tool in the decision-making process. The institution will receive general recommendations to improve its actuarial practice or bidding processes for external actuarial analysis when needed.