Permanent Committee

The background of the Permanent Committee (PC) dates back to the meeting of the 1st Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS), held in September 1942, in Santiago, Chile, where, among other issues, the adoption of the “ Statutes of the Inter-American Conference on Social Security ” was discussed. Thus, article 3 of the Statutes established the Permanent Committee with the mission of:

  1. Enforce resolutions and urges made at the Conference;
  2. Prepare the work of the sessions of the Conference and establish the agenda of said sessions;
  3. Contribute in any other way to the purposes of the Conference.

Currently, the Committee is the governing and executing body of the CISS, responsible for compliance with the programs and decisions of the General Assembly.

It is composed of the President of the Conference, the three Vice Presidents, the Coordinators of the five Sub-regions, a representative of the associate members and, if applicable, a representative of the adherent and associate members. It meets annually, in an ordinary and extraordinary manner, when summoned by the President.

It should be mentioned that, regardless of not being part of the Committee, the Secretary General of the Conference, the Comptroller and the Director of the Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies (CIESS) participate in their sessions, all with the right to speak, but without vote.

The operation of the PC is regulated by the Statute of the CISS (articles 14-17), and by the Standing Committee Regulations.

In accordance with these provisions, the functions of the Permanent Committee include:

  1. Develop the rules and procedures necessary for compliance with the decisions of the General Assembly.
  2. Promote and coordinate the activities of the American Social Security Commissions (CASS) and the Sub-regions.
  3. Maintain the relations of the CISS with its members, international organizations, institutions and organizations related to social security.
  4. Authorize the conclusion of agreements with international organizations, institutions and bodies related to social security and monitor compliance.
  5. Supervise compliance with the annual programs of the CISS bodies.
  6. Decide on the provisional affiliation and disenrollment of members, informing the General Assembly during its next session.
  7. Submit amendments to the CISS Statute and the regulations of its organs to the General Assembly, accompanying the corresponding opinions.
  8. Approve and totally or partially reform the regulations of the CISS bodies.
  9. Approve the budget for each body, and its modifications, as well as the balance and account of income and expenses of the CISS on a yearly basis.

Currently, the Permanent Committee is integrated as follows:

  • Chairman: Zoé Robledo Aburto, Mexican Institute of Social Security, Mexico (IMSS) (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), México).
  • Secretary General Gibrán Ramírez Reyes, Secretary General, Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS), Mexico. (Conferencia Interamericana de Seguridad Social (CISS), México)
  • Vice Chair 2017: Richard Graham, Associate Commissioner, Social Security Administration, USA.
  • Vice Chair 2018: Juan Carlos Novoa Flor, Superintendence of Banks and Insurance, Ecuador. (Superintendencia de Bancos y Seguros, Ecuador.)
  • Vice Chair 2019: Emilio Basavilbaso, Executive Director, National Administration of Social Security (ANSES), Argentina. (Administración Nacional de laSeguridad Social (ANSES), Argentina).
  • Representative of Subregion I, Andean: Andrés Felipe Uribe, Vice Minister of Employment and Pensions, Ministry of Labor, Colombia. (Ministerio delTrabajo, Colombia).
  • Representative of Subregion II, Central America: Vilma C. Morales Montalván, President Audit Commission, Honduran Institute of Social Security, Honduras. (Comisión Interventora, InstitutoHondureño de Seguridad Social, Honduras.).
  • Representative of Subregion III, Southern Cone: María José Zaldívar, Assistant Secretary of Social Welfare, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Chile. (Ministerio delTrabajo y Previsión Social, Chile).
  • Representative of Subregion IV, North America and the Anglo Caribbean: Timothy Hodge, Director, Social Security Board, Anguilla.
  • Representative of Subregion V, Mexico and the Latin Caribbean: Yamira Yusimí Campos Suárez, Vice Minister and Director General, National Institute of Social Security, (INASS), Cuba.
  • Representative of Associate Members: Jorge D’Angelo, Director, Mutual Association of Agents of Senior Agencies (AMAOTE), Argentina. (Asociación Mutual de Agentes de los Organismosde la Tercera Edad (AMAOTE), Argentina.).
  • Representative of the Adherent and Related Members: In the General Assembly of August 26, 2016, this representative was not appointed due to lack of quorum in accordance with Article 48, subsection p) of the Statute.