General Secretariat

It is the executive organ of the Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS), responsible for planning and executing all the substantive activities of the agency. Currently, Álvaro Velarca Hernández serves as Secretary General of the CISS.

The General Secretariat is in charge of an elected holder for three years, for the exercise of his functions, with the possibility of being reelected.

In carrying out his function, the Secretary General is not part of any of the collegiate organs of the Conference; However, the regulations provide that the Secretary General may participate with the exercise of the right to voice in the sessions of the General Assembly, the Permanent Committee, and the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies (CIESS). The Secretary General also serves as secretary in the sessions of the General Assembly and the Permanent Committee.

The functions of the General Secretariat are of particular importance for the operation of the Conference, for it coordinates and manages the necessary efforts and resources to fulfill the mandate of the international organization, as a whole.

Among the most relevant functions of the General Secretariat are:

  1. Ensure compliance with the obligations, provisions, functions and activities established in the Statute, the Regulations, the Headquarters agreement or the one determined by the CISS Presidency.
  2. Facilitate cooperation and provide technical assistance to members of the CISS in the field of social security.
  3. Prepare and disseminate current and relevant information that reflects the state of social security in the Americas.
  4. Manage the finances of the CISS and prepare the annual budget plan of the institution.
  5. Prepare the draft Regulations related to the functions under its charge and present them for consideration by the Permanent Committee.
  6. Submit the annual balance and the income and expenses account to the General Assembly.
  7. Request and receive the nominations for the election of the authorities of the Conference, and submit to the General Assembly a report indicating whether the nominations meet the requirements established in the Call.

For the best performance of its activities, the General Secretariat organizes its work through a General Coordination, a Financial and Administrative Coordination, and a Technical Secretariat.